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The complete guide to business for Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach and soon, Navarre new standards for business information. was developed as a proof of concept...that concept being the need of an inclusive, comprehensive easy to navigate and informative guide to business that was designed to fill. The goal of this site was to develop a standard data set for all businesses as well as a means to collect and manage that data. We are close to reaching our goal and once that standard has been finalized, we will be back out on the streets collecting current data for the local area businesses. There are many new businesses including many new restaurants and we will do our best to include menus for all of them. Another big change is on the horizon and that will be the transition to the parent brand of SHOPCLOSEBY.COM. As things progress, we will keep you posted.

Winers Welcome...

If you are looking for someplace that not only allows wining, but encourages it, then Aloha Wine & Liquors is the place for you. Aloha has a wonderful selection of fine wines from across the globe as well as a knowledgeable staff that can help you find the perfect selection to compliment your meal, tastes or special occasion. In addition to their extensive selection of fine wines, Aloha also carries a full selection of premium and top shelf liquors to suit every discriminating adult taste. With two locations, Pensacola Beach and Hwy 98 east of Gulf Breeze, Aloha Wine & Liquors has what you need to get your party started.

We would like to welcome The Zoo to The zoo is a place that really means a lot to me and especially my kids. As many of you have heard, the Zoo has had a tough time keeping up with the huge expense of caring for, feeding and maintaining habitats for the wide variety of animals that give us and our children so much joy to see. The best way to help keep this valuable resource for the community alive and kicking is to go! Take a little time and bring a friend, a child, a neighbor...give the Zoo a chance to touch the hearts of everyone you can so they can continue to bring the wild right into our backyards for us, our children and hopefully our children's children. I have dedicated a page to the Zoo to keep up with goings on there so check it out often as it will change to reflect what is happening at the Zoo.

Another great place to help get you out and exercising is the Sports Connection located in the Brunos shopping center. They have all of the gear to help you or your kids get ready for sports this year. Whether your sport is baseball, softball, football, or soccer, Sports Connection is your source for uniforms, equipment and gear.

Recent Additions

We would like to welcome this weeks recent additions, businesses that have the insight to recognize that all of you out there want more information at your fingertips.
Antiquarian Traders has been in business in Gulf Breeze for more years than I would like to count providing expert jeweler services, beautiful jewelry including some unique estate jewelry and an eclectic selection of antiques and collectibles. has got to be one of my favorite businesses to visit on pure smell alone. They offer a variety of smell goods including candles and scented oil burners. This is a great place to find gifts ...Valentines is coming up!...but it is also a great place to find something affordable to make home a significantly more pleasant place...warm, relaxing ...can't you just smell it?! They're open Tuesday through Friday 9 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 2 so go in and say hello J.G. and ask him to make a candle especially for you!

Most of you already know about the excellent food offered by Aegean Breeze, the area's favorite Greek restaurant. Now, you can see images of some of their delicious offerings in their photo gallery and both their lunch and dinner menus are now online. If you find this feature useful, make sure you tell them...its the best way to make sure that this feature stays available.

I would also like to let everyone know that Felecia Henderson Hair Designs has relocated to Snips of London in the Breeze Plaza across from Oriole Beach Road. And finally, from Pensacola Beach, I want to welcome Joe, Kevin, Amy and the rest of the krewe at Paradise Beach Homes, the premier source for vacation rentals on the island. They are also one of the major sponsors of the original live beach cam on Pensacola Beach, providing location and internet for the primary cam.

The Top 25

Below is the list of the top 25 business searches. These are the businesses that you, the visitors, have looked at most. If you are one of the businesses on this list, it's time to come on board and give the people what they are asking for...MORE INFO!

  1. Antiquarian Traders 260 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (14736)
  2. Aegean Breeze 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (13866)
  3. Cvs Pharmacy 3327 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (10627)
  4. Aloha Wine & Liquor 2631 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (9626)
  5. Blue Sky Gift Shop 3479 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (9075)
  6. Pizza Hut Delivery 1169 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (8444)
  7. Paradise Beach Homes 27 Via De Luna Dr (8189)
  8. Baskin Robbins Gulf Breeze 205 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (7640)
  9. Santinos Gulf Breeze 368 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (7361)
  10. Sports Connection 360 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (7306)
  11. Gulf Breeze Aerobics & Fitness 1147 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (7202)
  12. Innerlight Surf & Skate 203 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (7186)
  13. Subway Sandwiches & Salads 213 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6911)
  14. Zoo & Botanical Gardens 5701 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6745)
  15. Nikis Restaurant 1153 B Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6597)
  16. Shang Hai 364 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6572)
  17. Proper Pilates 3493 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6544)
  18. Anytime Fitness 3729 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6458)
  19. McDonalds Restaurant 201 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6321)
  20. 3045 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6240)
  21. Quality Inn & Suites 51 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6132)
  22. Aaron James Custom Homes 1101 Gulf Breeze Pkwy suite 3-306 (6034)
  23. Ace Hardware of Gulf Breeze 0 1131 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (6021)
  24. Bay Breeze Aquatics and Dive Center 49 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (5747)
  25. A Proper Cut Hair and Nail Studio 81 B Nightingale Ln (5516)
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