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finding what you are looking for...

There are a variety of ways to find or browse the businesses along highway 98, also know as Gulf Breeze Parkway. By default, the business list is sorted as if you were driving from Pensacola into Gulf Breeze and on towards Navarre with the businesses on the south side of the road indicated by right hand icon, the left hand icon indicating businesses on the north side. You can reverse that order if you want the list to display as if you were driving from Navarre west towards Gulf Breeze.

alphabet soup...

If you are looking for a particular business, you can select the
"Name search" to sort the list alphabetically. You have the same option here to reverse the sort order if you choose.

whats your category?...

A third option is to use the category search. Here, you can select a category that may encompass the type of business you are looking for. If you don't find what you are looking for, try a different category. The category list is a work in progress so if you have suggestions, please feel free to comment in the forums section or send us an email at

about zones...

You can limit your search to specific "zones" or areas by unchecking the unwanted zones on the left hand menu and updating the list by clicking the "search" button.

zone / area 1
the area within the city limits known as "Gulf Breeze Proper"
zone / area 2
just east of Gulf Breeze to Oriole Beach Road
zone / area 3
Oriole Beach to Soundside (just past Walmart)
zone / area 4
Soundside through Navarre (this area will receive more focus beginning in June).
zone / area 5
Pensacola Beach. We know that Pensacola Beach is not actually on Hwy 98 but there are just too many great resources (especially in the areas of lodging and dining) not to include it.

Speaking of shopping centers...

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a manuver that you have mentally scolded another driver for... one of such questionable legality that the words "ohhhh, I hope a cop doesn't see this" escape your lips, just barely audible over the sound of a distant car horn and that noise of everything in you car shifting to a new home on the opposite side of your car? Why do such a thing?...because you know how much of a pain in the butt it is going be to battle through traffic and multiple U-turns to make it back to the entrance you just missed because it was impossible to identify until you were looking square at it...throught the passenger window...from the left hand lane.

Of course not... but it is still easy to see why our shopping center browser with details such as "east approach" and "west approach", outlining what you encounter when venturing to a shopping center, might be useful. Pictures and in some cases, video clips document especially tricky situations helping keep all of that stuff in your car right where it the passenger seat.


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