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Why was created to fulfill the need for an accurate, current and complete guide to the businesses located along the highway 98 corridor. There is no other single place that one can find the information provided by shophwy98 and that's a problem, for both the businesses along the route as well as those that live, travel and shop in the area. If you are a businesses, there is no concise and affordable way to reach the specific market that keeps your business alive. For consumers, there is not a way to identify, locate and reach the multitude of commerical resources available just down the street.

Versitile and informative...

One thing that I have learned over the years is that everyone is a little different and as such, different things make sense to different people. Some like directions that are based on landmarks, like "the new Shoreline Grocery is located in that shopping center before Oriole Beach Road across from the business with the tall cranes out front". Others like directions based on distances such as "Aloha Wine and Liquor is located 1/4 mile east of the light at Villa Venyce". Sometimes, you may want to find the phone number for the Tool Shack, sometimes you want to find out what time the car wash near Barnhill's closes. ShopHwy98 offers an abundance of information and a multitude of search options giving you a way to find what you need in a way that not only makes sense to you, but fits the needs your particular situation.

Safe and relaxing...

Safe and there are two words that have probably never been used to describe hwy 98. That is one of the main reasons why was created. A vast wealth of resources exist right along the path that we all race up and down every day, more oblivious than not to even its existence. Why do we do it?...ignore the risk and sacrifice that these merchants endure, only to flock to the malls and super stores of "town" when it comes time to purchase something?

That is a question that haunts those lonely shop keepers sitting there day in and day out watching tens of thousands of cars stream by in a seemingly endless procession. Thats also a question whose answer is right in front of your face...literlly. Here's a hint... when was the last time that you read more than the first or second word of an establishment's sign while driving on hwy 98?

Your answer probably begins something like "well that would be the time that I plowed into a car that suddenly....."

Yes, those foolishly inquisitive enough to try to mix driving on hwy 98 and reading don't usually make that mistake twice. We are so conditioned to focus on the road and more importantly, the other vehicles "sharing" it, that we don't really have the opportunity to look around and see whats there. Add that to the high rate of turnover for businesses and the result is a big blank spot when it comes to knowing what we drive past every day. is designed to fill that void with a bounty of useful information that you can browse through from the comfort and safety of your own home.

hey buddy, where are you going with this??

If you actually take a minute and really think about all of this, you have to realize that this is just a fantastic concept and wonder why hasn't someone done this before? Most of the shopping sites are designed for a nationwide audience and rely on a method called "data mining" to populate their databases. The problem is that the sources for this data are updated annually at best. is designed for a local audience and all of the data is collected by a person who knows and lives in the area. The really exciting thing about it is that it is being designed and built to be applicable for nearly any suburban thoroughfare...a local audience on a national level. Pretty cool, huh?

The other key to why will be successful where others have failed was something I learned a number of years ago while developing a guide to ski resorts. A guide is only as useful as it is complete. How useful would the phone book be if it only contained listings that had paid to be there? provides a multitude of information for every business, so much in fact, that we believe will become the primary resource for business information for this area. An audience like that is an advertisers dream. The fact that a business can provide that audience a nearly limitless amount of information for literally pennies a day make this not just a dream, but the dream of all dreams.

How often do you see something that provides so many benefits to all parties involved?... You're right, almost never. That's why we believe that in the next several years, the guide we are building here will be the guide being used everywhere....The Revolution in the Evolution.


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