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Hello and welcome to the business center.

This section is being developed as a resource center for business services and products. The businesses found in this section are either located along highway 98 or provide services here. You will also find articles as well as links to websites that as a business owner, you may find useful.

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If your business is located between the Pensacola Bay Bridge and the Santa Rosa County line along Highway 98 (or just off 98) you should be listed within the business guide.

why?? was built to fulfill a consumer need for an accurate, complete and timely guide to business along highway 98. With gas prices out of control, consumers are looking for resources closer to home. Before, there was no single location to search or browse for these resources other than driving up and down the highway trying to read signs while avoiding accidents, a risky prospect at best. In the process of fulfilling this need, also fulfills an important need for these businesses. It provides and affordable and focused way to reach your customer base.

Advertising is an essential business expense and determining how to reach your customer base affordably is one of the most difficult decisions a business owner has to make. In addition, figuring out if that money was well spent is one of the hardest things to determine. gives you a persistent, focused and most importantly, an affordable way to reach the customers that you want...those that looking to see what is available along their commute, those that are traveling to the area and looking for shopping close to the beach, those that live just down the street but don't know that you exist.

Extended listings receive approximately ten times the traffic that a standard listing gets. People browsing the guide are very different from a television or radio audience. On, you are not trying to distract your audience from their preferred content, you are the preferred content. They are looking for more information and the more you provide, the better. Visitors always have the option of moving on, but the more information you provide about your business, the more familiar they become and the more likely they are you buy your products or services.

Ready to get started? The first step is to select your payment schedule and any optional features. We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual billing, with discounted rates for longer billing cycles. Once your billing is set up, you will get immediate access to either create a new business listing or if you already have a standard listing, to edit the existing business listing.

Still not sold? Believe it or not, we a new business, we also have to watch every dollar and have a tendency to beat every decision nearly to death before committing valuable resources, whether it be money or time. Sometime this is a good thing and sometimes maybe not so good, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Once you extend your listing, as long as you don't cancel your account, your rate will be locked at the current rate. In addition, a standard listing has to verified before becomming active and actually appearing on, which can take as long as 30 days. That said, to create your standard listing, go here

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